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Center Director/Teacher
Lauren Scavone


Lauren Scavone, is center director and registered teacher at Music Together® of the Abingtons. She is a wife, mom, and Abington area resident. Lauren has a Bachelor of Music degree in music education from West Chester University and has taught elementary school music classes, band, orchestra, chorus, and private clarinet and saxophone lessons. She has also performed in both concert and marching bands, small chamber ensembles, pit orchestras, and more. 

In 2009, Lauren was a new mom and had recently left her school music teaching job to stay home with her son. She attended the Music Together teacher training in the spring of 2010 in the hopes of continuing to teach music. As a music educator and a mother there were so many things that attracted Lauren to Music Together: the rich song collections, the superb quality of the recordings, the thoroughly researched curriculum, and the emphasis on family music making.

Lauren is now a homeschooling mother of five children. She says, "I truly believe that parents are the first and most important teachers to their children. I have loved making music an important part of my own family's life and I look forward to helping other families in the Abington community do the same."


In class and at home, the real teachers are the parents and caregivers! Children are biologically wired to respond best to the model of the people with whom they have a
bond of attachment.

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